Tradition with a twist

We all know the traditional wedding routines…. Formal sit down dinner, father walks the bride down the aisle, white dress etc.

These days we are seeing more and more weddings with a twist.

Couples are taking traditional rituals and jazzing it up with their own flair and unique style to create a wedding to remember, while having fun with it at the same time.

In this article I have picked some of my favourite fresh, new touches that may inspire you to think outside the box when planning your wedding.

Formal sit down 
three course meal

Cocktail wedding receptions are definitely becoming a huge trend in weddings this year.

Couples are finding that not only is this more budget friendly but also creates a more relaxing, fun and interactive wedding ambience.

According to Sumner Krecke of wedding “Alcohol is one of the most expensive things in any wedding”, so it’s OK to be budget –friendly.

Don’t feel you have to provide a full, club style bar for your guests. Offering beer, wine and soft drinks is definitely sufficient.


Matching bridesmaid’s dresses

In the past, bridesmaid’s dresses have been all the same colour and style. They have not been selected to take into consideration the maid’s comfort level, size or shape.

Allow your girls to wear something that is tailored to their style whilst still keeping within the same common theme.

If you are comfortable, let your girls choose their dresses while keeping with in the same colour palette, or choose a few different colours so each girl can decide together what colour they will go for.

For example, pale blue, pale pink and pale yellow makes for a beautiful colour palette at your altar.

Wedding singer

If you are not keen on a wedding singer all night at your wedding reception, then consider having a few different options at your wedding (wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception).

Think about a professional DJ, celebrity impersonator, classy jazz band, local bands, acoustic guitar player or even a percussionist.

Your imagination is the limit!

Having some different options throughout the afternoon and into the evening will make the reception feel like it is telling a story and will keep your guests involved and dancing until the night ends!


Speeches by the men

Speeches have typically been dominated by men at weddings. In the past, the groom, best man, father of the bride shared the microphone.

These days, there is nothing wrong with a woman’s view to mix the pot. Ask a bridesmaid if she would like to do a speech, the mother of the bride or even yourself.

I am also seeing a lot of couples not planning speeches and having people speak if they wish to during the reception.

Father giving away the bride

Walking down the aisle can be quite daunting for some. Lots of brides are choosing both of their parents to walk them down the aisle.

In other cases you may see their brother, step father or even a good friend walking them down the aisle.

It is totally up to you on this one, there are no rules at all.

Or if you love the spot light and think the idea of someone “giving you away” is outdated then strut your stuff!

Big white wedding dress

The white wedding dress dates back to the 19th century and is a symbol of purity.

As times are changing I am seeing more and more brides walking down the aisle in a colour and fit of their choice.

Slim fitting gowns rather than a long train and layers of tulle are taking over.

Black has even been seen worn by the bride as it is no longer just known as the colour of mourning.

Traditional veil

Headpieces, flowers, clips and even hats are all the trend these days and taking over from the formal veil.

Although some brides like the idea of the groom lifting the veil up to kiss them.

Sometimes veils are not practical for today’s weddings, beach weddings especially.

Wedding cake

This is one of the biggest traditions which is being taken over by the modern twist.

Individual cup cakes, candy stations and other sweet treats are being seen everywhere and make for a great twist on your wedding.

They can be a fun way to incorporate your flair and style by making the display a real interactive centrepiece for your guests.

Candy stations that provide “take home bags” are a great way to ensure everyone enjoys your dessert even if it is the next day.