Dump Road will be slamming

The Cayman Islands has a national holiday this week for Ash Wednesday and many sports are taking the day off except for dominoes.

The Cayman Islands Domino Association is hosting a holiday tournament at 2pm. Dump Road Bar in George Town hosts the day-long competition, which is being billed as men versus women. Essentially the event will pit teams of male players against female slammers in an impromptu battle of the sexes.

Association press officer Sheena Taylor gave further insight into the reasoning behind the tournament.

“The purpose behind the event is geared mostly towards to dominoes lovers as there will be other events scheduled for that day,” Taylor said. “Men always have this thing that they are better players than women or that they “take it easy” on us because we are women.

We in the association wanted to have an event, a battle of the sexes, to once and for all determine which of the genders are best.”

News of the competition comes as the local domino league heads into its third month of play.

Next Sunday’s matches will mark week 19 of the 26-week event, which features eight local teams.

Thus far the East End All Stars, behind key players like Noel Connolly, have been dominant as they went through round one unbeaten and did not lose a game in the early phases of 2011.

With league matches drawing sizeable crowds, Taylor expects a good turnout on Wednesday.

“Dominoes is a great past time not only in Cayman, but the world over. Seeing the many different nationalities that reside here and play for each team, it truly is a marvellous thing that dominoes can bring everyone under one roof.

You have people that prefer to play more casually (like at home or house parties) and then you have people who come out every week, even when their team does not have a game, to watch the league matches.

“We know that everyone would be looking to do something on Ash Wednesday. Some will be going to the Agricultural Show while some will be going to Mardi Gras. However the true die-hard domino fans will want to play.”

Registration for the tournament takes place 12pm-1.30pm. Entrance fee is $20 for a male pair and $10 for a female pair. A number of prizes are on offer. For more information call 925-4652.


Connolly is one of East End’s best players.