Creativity at Bottle & Brushes

Fifteen people created their own masterpieces while having a lot of fun over wine and light fare during an event called Bottles & Brushes at the Discovery Centre in Camana Bay on Thursday, 3 March.

Part of the i-series at Camana Bay, this iCreate event was the second of two Bottles & Brushes evenings. Participants tried to re-create a painting with the help of a local artist while enjoying a glass of wine or two.

In the 3 March event, artist Gabrielle Wheaton led the participants in creating a sunset seascape, while John Broad helped participants paint Van Gogh’s Starry Night on 24 February.

Camana Bay director of sales John Hillman, who participated in the Bottles & Brushes event with his wife Dawn, said the idea of the i-series was to create different programmes for both adults and children.

Past events have focused on culinary arts – like four iTaste events for adults last fall and two iCook Little Bakers events in February.

“The Discovery Centre is a place for education, but also a place of great fun,” says Hillman.

Wheaton tried to put participants at ease, even though the painting they were trying to re-create was fairly difficult.

“When confronted by a blank canvas, it can be very intimidating,” she says, adding that it was fine if participants wanted to create an impressionist re-creation of the painting.

Hillman says that next up in the i-series is a catboat programme, where participants will be able to learn about the important historical means of transportation in Cayman, as well as take a sail in one of the boats.