Preliminary census possible this week

Depending on when Cabinet reviews
and approves the figures, preliminary population numbers for the Cayman Islands
could be released as early as this week.

Census 2010 Manager Elizabeth Talbert
said Thursday that a report compiled by the Economics and Statistics Office is
due to go to Cabinet either this week or next. Once government leaders have
signed off on the document, it should be released soon after.

The preliminary census will not
contain all the data collected by workers during October and November
house-to-house surveys. Rather the preliminary report will contain the raw
population numbers for each voting district, broken down by gender.

A full census report is due out in
October, according to the statistics office.

Cayman Islands law requires a
census to be taken at least once every ten years. The last formal population
survey was done here in 2000.

The Economics and Statistics Office
does a poll each year as part of its Labour Force Survey that estimates the
Islands’ population but the number of people surveyed for those is just a
representative sample not the entire population.

The last available population
survey in Cayman – in late 2009 – estimated the country’s population at 52,830.