St. Matthew’s stand against bullies

St. Matthew’s University in the
Cayman Islands is taking a stand against bullies.

Students and staff of the
institution showed their support for anti-bullying by wearing pink last month
in recognition of victims of bullying in society.

Bullying, and its significant
negative effects, is prevalent among young children, while many adults also
face challenges from this unfortunate interaction in the Cayman Islands and
across the world.

The last Wednesday of February is
typically identified as Anti-Bullying Day in Canada after a younger male
student was bullied by other students for wearing a pink shirt on his first day
of school.

 A group of concerned students from the same
school then rallied to start a pink shirt campaign to stand up against

The initial campaign resulted in
hundreds of pink-wearing supporters showing up and even attracted US talk show
host Ellen DeGeneres.

St. Matthew’s University hopes this
will be a start of a similar campaign in the Cayman Islands and that this
message spreads across the island so more people can participate next year.