From scraps to crafts on the Brac

There’s plenty more Caymanian craft and culture over on Cayman Brac this week.

On Friday, 18 March, the latest live demonstration day at Heritage House deals with the domestic aspect of life and illustrates the laundry practices of early settlers, explains Saskia Edwards of the Cayman Brac Heritage House.

“As you can imagine, the lifestyle back then was much different and more labour intensive than in more modern times. In fact, quite the opposite to today, taking care of a typical laundry load was often a full week’s event and starch had to be made by hand.

“Mrs. Laurel Martin will be our volunteer demonstrator and will re-enact the washing, starching and pressing of clothes – the traditional way,” says Saskia.

Scrapbook session

The assistant programme coordinator holds a scrapbook craft session at the Alexander Hotel from 3 to 5pm on Tuesday, 22 March.

“Scrapbooking is really the art of preserving memories. A scrapbook is basically a collection of photographs that are embellished with decorative items.

Scrapbooking has become a popular and very rewarding hobby. It is also an excellent way to document personal and even historic events.

“I personally took up scrapbooking a few years ago, and I am quite passionate about this creative art. This particular session will be informative and fun as we will be learning about the silver thatch tree and participants will get to try a hand at thatch plaiting.

The idea is for them to create a wonderful keepsake and scrapbook page on the silver thatch, to include their plaited item and document their experience working with and learning about this remarkable tree,” says Saskia.

On Saturday, 19 March, from 10am to noon and on Monday, 21 March, from 10.30am, kids have their chance to shine at Heritage House, too.

“This coming Kids Day we will be learning about some of the native animals on the Brac.

Kathleen Bodden-Harris, who has written Quest on the Marl Road, will be present that day for a small story reading, as many of the animals we will be learning about are featured in her book.

As always there will be an activity time and a game centred around the lesson plan.

“From this day kids will gain valuable knowledge about local birds, mammals, reptiles and the vital roles that these wonderful creatures play in our natural environment and add to its uniqueness.”

For more information on all events, please call 948-0563 or email [email protected]