Science fair donation

Financial services firm Crusader International Management Cayman has joined the list of sponsors for this year’s Rotary Central science fair.

Larry Tibbetts, Rotary Central’s vocational services director, said he was pleased to receive a donation of $1,000 from Crusader toward the event.

“The Rotary Central Science Fair has grown every year with more students, more projects and a higher quality of science displays, and this sponsorship from Crusader will ensure that this year’s event meets the high standards that we have set for the event, which is now into its fifth year,” said Mr. Tibbetts.

Fiona Moseley, managing director of Crusader, said she was pleased to contribute to the event, and as a Rotarian herself has been very impressed to watch the event grow over the years.

“Crusader looks forward to working with the science fair committee again on this year’s event, and we support this event because of the significant experience that it offers to students across all of Cayman’s schools,” said Mrs. Moseley.

The science fair, which is organised each year by Rotary Central, will be held on 2 April at the Arts and Recreation Centre at Camana Bay.

Organisers are expecting an even bigger turnout of students this year.

There will more than $30,000 available for educational scholarships to the winning students.

Rotary Central has been contacting schools, encouraging the broadest possible participation, and there are now more than 80 students signed up.

Forms are available through all science teachers, schools and the science fair website at


  1. I have been able to visit the last three of the Science fairs and what I can comment on will just be those.
    The quality of the last two fairs were of a very high standard. I say this as a comparison to the last fair that was held in April this year. The Rotary have dropped the ball with the organization of this one.
    Yes there were more students participating which is good but the quality of the displays were of a very low standard.
    Some of the questions which need to asked and I will answer subject to correction.
    1. Why were primary schools entered in the fair and then it was said that it was a mistake.
    2. Why were the participants not told clearly which category they were in and then some of they projects ended up being judged in another.
    3. Participants were told that they would be judged by three judges, but why were some only judged by two.
    4. The quality of the judges need to reviewed as I can’t understand how persons that don’t have a science background can give a scientific analysis on any thing relating to science as was done by some of the judges chosen for this years fair.
    5. Science projects are suppose to be based on new innovations which can improve and progress the field of science and when projects on display by students don’t show any form of creativity or innovation just a copy and paste of information off of the internet.
    How can you place a project like that ahead of others which show detail experiment and results with actually working models.
    Unfortunately some of the latter projects won this years fair.
    6. This year it seems only the private schools had any thing of substance on display as the public schools were lacking according to the judging.
    When a project that displays finding the best tasting water in cayman can win at a science fair that is a joke, I thought taste is an individual thing and what is scientific about water tasting.
    Well it was all water day as all the water projects won the show.
    I think the ministry of Education need to take a look at this annual fair which students participate in. The consensus being given by the poor quality of judges provided is making a mockery of the whole thing. I wonder if any of those winning projects can enter into any notable science fairs off of the Island.
    Rotary you have a good thing going don’t mess up with

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