Sponsors sign on to curb texting

Vampt Motors and the Insurance Company of the West Indies have partnered with dms Broadcasting to promote safety on the roads by taking a stand against texting while driving.

The It Can Wait campaign, which continues through 20 May, features bus shelter signs advising of the associated dangers and public service announcements focusing on the consequences of what is called ‘driving while intexicated’.

“We are wholeheartedly committed to supporting such a worthy cause, as this careless behaviour contributes to far too many accidents on our roads locally and abroad,” said dms Broadcasting Market Manager Dan Charleston.

The messages are being played on all four dms radio stations multiple times throughout the day to reinforce the message and remind Cayman’s drivers to practice road safety.

“… When it comes to road safety, we can’t deny the impact [cell phones] are often proving hazardous, particularly … text messaging,” said Mr. Charleston.