Tortuga cakes featured at Charlie Awards

Tortuga Rum Cakes figured prominently at the 25th annual Charlie Awards honouring broadcaster Larry King in Hollywood, California, recently.

The Hollywood Arts Council honoured King for his “outstanding contributions to Hollywood’s art and culture”. Members of the celebrity-packed audience each received a Tortuga Rum Cake in their gift bag.

Two-time nominated Academy Award songwriter Carol Connors, known for composing the Rocky theme, opened the festivities and showed off her Tortuga Rum Cake-style purse created just for the occasion.

“Carol is Tortuga’s ambassador in Hollywood, always looking for ways to introduce more stars to our brand,” said Monique Hamaty-Simmonds, CEO of the Tortuga Rum Cake Company. “She has travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean and has been a very good friend, promoting the islands and Tortuga Rum Cakes.”