FOI subcommittee now seeks input

A Legislative Assembly
subcommittee charged with the review of Cayman’s Freedom of Information Law is
now seeking input from the public to assist that review.

According to a notice
sent out by the government press office Thursday: “The subcommittee is currently
conducting its review and in pursuance thereto is now inviting input from the
public to assist the subcommittee with this review.”

Comments are asked to be
forwarded to the clerk of the Legislative Assembly, can be sent electronically
to [email protected] or dropped off at the LA building in downtown George Town.

The deadline for comment
submissions is 8 May.


  1. in pursuance thereto !!
    and therefore is shorter, clearer and devoid of the mystique of lawyers who have for always sought to obfuscate matters to our disadvantage.
    Comments are asked to be forwarded – same applies Comments can be sent to.
    Words hide a lot, too much, too often.

  2. And currently adds nothing to the sense or timing of the sentence.
    For Heaven’s sake, if you want us ordinary people to be involved in public affairs, speak SIMPLY. We are simple people, and do not care for this illuminated BS.

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