Students raise thousands for Japan, school

Children at St. Ignatius Primary took part in a sponsored read-a-thon on Wednesday, 30 March, to raise funds for their class and the disaster relief charity, the Piers Simon Appeal.

“We have nearly doubled what we raised last year, and I have just counted a whopping $11,772,75,” said Andy Irish, literacy and teaching and learning leader at St. Ignatius. “Half of the money we have raised will go to the Piers Simon Appeal, the other half gets split equally between our 15 classes.”

St. Ignatius children will sit down with their teacher and decide together what they need for their classroom.

“My class has already decided to get as many digital cameras as we can,” he said.

This was part of a two-week reading initiative called Go Bananas, where St. Ignatius children, ‘go bananas’ over reading.

At the end of assembly on Wednesday, 6 April, Mr. Irish shared with the whole school how much money they raised and will be awarding the winners with their prizes.

The highest fundraiser in each class will receive a certificate and a prize, and there is a grand prize for the highest fundraiser in the entire school.

“Our children, parents and staff have done exceptionally well to raise this amount, and I am so proud of them and the generosity of the public,” he said. “We truly are a school that endeavours to help others. Our hearts go out to those in Japan, and they are in our prayers.”