Thatch twisting, 
bead work on tap

Annalee Ebanks, Laurel Martin and Keino Daley will be taking part in a live demonstration of thatch-twisting on Friday, 8 April.

The traditional Cayman craft arose as a rope-making skill and became a way of life – and a living – for many generations of Caymanians.

Because of the strength of the dried leaf and its incredible resistance to saltwater it became one of the most important industries in Cayman and was highly prized in Cuba and Jamaica’s shipping, fishing and sugar industries.

The Demonstration Day begins at 10am.

On Wednesday, 13 April, at Brac Reef Beach Resort, the visitor craft session from 3-5pm and will feature Juliette Medieros, who is once more teaching bead work.

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Juliette creates designs featuring raw materials collected from land and waterways.

Please ring 948-0563 or email [email protected] for more information.