A reputation for being green

 Cayman Islands Brewery has long had a reputation for being green – and not just because its Caybrew beer bottles are green.

The brewery is the only company on the island to recycle glass. For the past four years, the brewery has been taking returns of the bottles it sells, washes and reuses them for the next batch of beer produced at the Shamrock Road site.

“We currently have a return rate of 35 per cent, which in four years is good,” said James Mansfield, commercial manager of the brewery, adding that the number of people collecting and returning bottles is growing.

 “We collect bottles from the bars if they collect them , and they in return get $2 per case. Some bars are very good and others are not so good. Our on-going mission is to have the staff take a more proactive approached to recycling.

 The company has also started collecting cans for recycling at the brewery and recently launched another initiatve to supply recycle bins for its main can accounts. For example, recycle bins are now available at Calico Jack’s on Seven Mile Beach where many cans of Ironshore Bock, Caybrew and Caylight are sold.
The recycled cans are picked up by the Department of Environment or National Recyling in East End, Mr. Mansfield said.

   Another new initiative to help the environment was recently introduced at the brewery when it started serving beer in its tasting area in glasses rather than in plastic cups. “Over 400 people per month with three beers, it was a lot of plastic,” said Mr. Mansfield.

The company also gives its spent grain from its brewing process to farmers, so cuts down on waste and also has a water treatment plant allowing it to reuse the water for vehicle cleaning
or irrigation.

Caybrew Brewery
W: www.cib.ky
A: 366 Shamrock Road
just past Grand Harbour in Prospect
T: 947.6699

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