Green business practices can help you save money

 The experience of businesses that have already adopted environmentally sustainable working practices is that energy efficiency can deliver considerable cost savings. There are six major areas for savings, namely:

• Lighting – More efficient lighting is cost effective and often incThe experience of businesses that have already adopted environmentally
sustainable working practices is that energy efficiency can deliver
considerable cost savings. There are six major areas for savings,
namely:reases productivity.

• Buildings – Most buildings have room for improvement in energy efficiency.

• HVAC and Solar – Several simple measures can save money and increase comfort.

• Equipment and Machines – Attention to your equipment and machines brings multiple benefits.
• Motors – Assistance is available for optimizing motor use and costs.

• Vehicles – Business-related transportation costs can be managed to reduce expenses.

In addition to these, conferencing, flexible working and virtual workspaces can result in reduced travel costs, shrinking energy bills and reduce property rental payments. All of this means your business can become leaner and more efficient.

To determine where you can save energy, you’ll first need to examine your energy profile i.e. how much energy you use, where you use it and how much it costs. Most likely you use energy for space cooling or heating, or water heating. What about lighting or operating office equipment or production machines? Does fuel for transportation comprise part of your energy picture? When you add up all of your energy expenses you may be surprised to find that the total amounts to several thousand dollars. This article focuses on transportation equipment and techniques that can save you up to 20 per cent or more on energy costs.

Rising energy costs are dual challenges facing businesses today. These challenges are particularly relevant for corporate vehicle fleets. Uncertainties impend – from fluctuating fuel costs to future government regulations. Simultaneously, customers, shareholders and employees are pressuring corporate leaders to help solve global environmental problems.

Fleet vehicles are normally driven hard, averaging nearly double the mileage, fuel consumption and emissions of personal vehicles. Consequently, fleets are not only expensive to operate but are also a major source of pollution. Nevertheless, there are easy, economical ways for fleets to simultaneously “go green” and minimise their environmental impacts and operating costs.

If your business maintains a fleet of vehicles or provides delivery services, you should investigate how you can reduce your fuel costs. Businesses, for example florists, couriers, rent-a-car agencies, building, plumbing, heating, and electrical contractors, lawn and pool maintenance services and carpet and drapery cleaning services are good candidates for fuel savings. And so are some major government agencies.

Operating a cleaner, greener fleet means more than counting the number of hybrids or alternative fuel vehicles you deploy. Successful management means proactively measuring and cutting your fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions over time.

Don’t hesitate. You can begin today with relatively minor changes like vehicle selection, maintenance programmes and driver education. These add up to significant improvements in fuel economy, operating costs and emissions. With the current and pending changes to the local Traffic Law, regarding the licensing of electric vehicles, it may be time to consider increasingly switching all or part of your fleet to EVs.
There are three persuasive reasons to adopt a green conversion programme for your fleet:

• Slash operating costs: By improving efficiency, a greener fleet can drastically reduce lifecycle costs and susceptibility to volatile fuel prices.

• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions: Since vehicles are a main source of greenhouse gas pollution, fleets can represent a large portion of your company’s total emissions. Employing a green fleet programme is an instantaneous and significant way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

• Improve company reputation: With public concerns about climate change reaching all-time highs, companies are under increasing pressure to set and attain environmental goals. Those that fail to meet these expectations risk impairing their brand. In turn this can spoil a company’s ability to win customers and attract and retain the best employees. Green fleet management can supply measurable results; often within the first year, which you can report to employees, customers, governments and shareholders.

With new options, tools and useful information, company fleets can cut pollution, position themselves as good corporate citizens and enhance their bottom lines. So, consider converting your fleet and reducing your carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits that accrue from there.

 Gregg Anderson, MBA, CMC
MD, VisionQuest Management Services Ltd
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