Island Heritage invest in a greener Cayman

Where once stood a lonely palm is now an oasis of lush vegetation along the bypass road thanks to Island Heritage Insurance. This month as Island Heritage celebrates its 15th anniversary they’re giving back to the island with the beautification of a new roundabout. Island Heritage’s Monique Bush commented,  “The sponsorship of our roundabout is one way that we are showing our vested interest in the preservation of Cayman’s heritage, in this case trees.”

Native trees such as the Silver thatch palm, one of Cayman’s National symbols, stand along-side Poinciana’s, Sea Grape and Coco Plum to name a few. The majority of the trees used in landscaping the roundabout are native and locally grown. Island Heritage worked closely with Vigoro Nursery to make certain that sustainable trees and shrubs were used, ensuring preservation for years to come. To keep the roundabout ‘green’ mainly organic maintenance products are also used.

Internally, Island Heritage has made strides to a greener office as well. Taking simple steps like making their online application process paper free greatly reduces the amount of wasted paper by their office and customers alike.

A large undertaking, but one that proved effective, was the installation of dual screens for all Island Heritage staff. The project has seen a large reduction in unnecessary print jobs as staff can now more easily cross check data and such without a printed document.

Monique Bush added, “Each year, the need to be more environmentally conscious becomes more evident. Island Heritage is in the business of peace of mind and doing our part gives us just that.”

Island Heritage
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