Record shakes but does not fall

The Kirk Slam fishing tournament had a very good debut over the weekend. With a load of anglers competing and the local dolphin record nearly falling, certainly the event will be a staple among Cayman fishermen.

In all 55 boats signed up for the inaugural event, with four testing their luck in Cayman Brac. About 228 fishermen registered to fish with 25 junior and 30 female anglers in the mix. At the end of the day only a handful would nab props at the weigh station of Grand Cayman’s Barcadere Marina in George Town.

Grabbing the most kudos would be Julian Lee. On Saturday he nabbed a 56 pound, one ounce dolphin that would prove to be the heaviest catch in the tournament. That catch was a big reason why his High Maintenance crew, which featured the likes of Shervie Moore and Kristofer Thompson, were the overall champions with four fish that had a combined weight of 129.7lbs (or an average of 32.26lbs per catch). It would also be a big pay day as the group walked away with some $6,000 for their efforts.

Interestingly Lee’s catch was less than two pounds off the current record. That mark belongs to Delroy Steve Bodden, who landed a 58lbs 8oz dolphin in Cayman Brac years ago. Had Lee broken that mark he would have won an additional $5,000.

The other big winners would be the crew of Jah Bless, featuring angler Cachas Stewart. They were second overall with three fish weighing 74.9lbs (or 24.85lbs on average). The biggest catch for Stewart was 34.1lbs and he would claim $2,000. In third place was the Liquor Box crew of captain Eric Rivers, mate John Lawrus and lady angler Jenny Eldridge. They had two fish with a combined weight of 67.30lbs or an average 33.65lbs per catch. The biggest was a 37.7lb dolphin from Eldridge, which was the second heaviest catch of the tournament and earned her $500 as the top lady angler.

Brandi Sherieff had the third heaviest dolphin at 35.7lbs. She was part of the Impressions crew featuring brother Azzan Sherieff, uncle John Thompson (who owns the boat) and father Ernie Sherieff. Landon Parsons won $500 for being the top junior angler. He had a 25.5lb catch aboard Keeping It Reel.