Eco-wedding in Cayman

Reno Cianta and Agata Kalicki’s wedding earlier this month could not have been more different than that planned for Prince William and Kate Middleton. One is all about tradition and formality with the eyes of the world watching,the other was about creating a relaxed atmosphere and celebrating with friends

and all importantly for the eco-conscious couple, it had to be sustainable.

When Agata and Reno decided to get married after five years of living together they were unsure about what the theme of the wedding should be, but after talking to wedding planner Rebecca Parfait-Greene they hit on the idea of a vegan wedding with as many sustainable elements as possible.

Agata says, “I wanted a pretty wedding of course, but we finally decided on a sustainable wedding because I have been a vegan for quite a while.”

The wedding meal needed some planning as a vegan diet excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. The four course menu was designed by Mise En Place and General Manager Darren Thorpe says, “The two biggest challenges were sourcing the freshest ingredients, which we managed to achieve with help from Cayman’s farmers and our head chef Danny Fink’s obsession with only excepting the best quality produce. Secondly, we had to find a balanced menu that adhered to the bride and groom’s beliefs but at the same time would appeal to their wedding guests.”

Reno and Agata also had to specially import bio dynamic wine as it is organically grown and not clarified using egg whites.

Next thing was to try and not use any disposable items. This was easier as crockery, glasses etc. were the real thing rather than plastic.

Most vegans also avoid animal-derived non-food products such as leather so Reno and his grooms’ people had specially made white vegan shoes, while Agata’s dress was made from organza taffeta a natural material.

The wedding was planned by Rebecca Parfait-Greene from Parfait Weddings and Events, she says a lot more couples are choosing to go for eco style weddings.

“Using centrepieces that can be planted after the wedding such as orchids or donating the florals to a hospital or aged care facility. Also lots of couples are sending their save the dates and wedding invitations through email/ Evite in order to save on paper. Another wonderful way to show you love Mother Nature and that we saw in Reno and Agata’s wedding, is donating all money, which would have been spent on wedding favours, to a local animal charity such as the Humane Society or other animal rescue charities.” Agata and Reno had made a commitment to try and recycle and compost as much as possible and on the whole they managed to achieve that. Darren says leftovers were easy to cope with as the Sunset Bay venue is a private home where the family has been composting for many years. In fact for an island not noted for recycling they did remarkably well. Darren says, “The cans were sent to Department of Environmental Health for crushing. We used Caybrew draft and H2O water coolers with biodegradable corn cups, which were added to the composting. The wine bottles were given to an individual who makes their own wine. All in all we had a handful of rubbish that couldn’t be recycled, mostly bottle tops from the wine.”

Rebecca adds “Reno and Agata’s wedding was a great way to show you can have an amazing wedding while taking sometime to think about our environment and they donated money to a save the elephant charity in Thailand as a pose to wedding favours.” And as you can see from Reno and Agata’s photo, having an eco wedding does not mean you have to sacrifice style!