Brac kids splashed out

Primary school children on Cayman Brac were judged on their form and strokes during a swim meet at the local pool.

More than 100 children between the ages of four and 11 took part in the meet, said swimming coaches Michael and Sue Hunt.

Some of the children who took part had also performed well over the weekend at the 800 metres open water swim.

Delroy Bodden, one of the stroke judges at the meet last week, said several of the children showed talent and potential.

“They were pretty good. I think there are some people here who, if they put in the effort, they could go far. There are quite a few like that,” he said.

This was evident by the names that were repeated again and again in the top three in each group when the prizes were handed out at the end of the event. Among those who won numerous prizes were Arek Scott, Haylie Tibbetts, Aiden Van Der Touw, Alejandro Paz, Shahaidy Robinson and Shayla Connor.

There were a total of 38 separate events, although some involved several heats, so the kids spent a lot of time in the pool, said Ms Hunt.

West End Primary School and Creek and Spot Bay Primary School children 
took part.