Lifters raised the bar for more

Powerlifting is another option for sports minded people in the Cayman Islands and when the Caribbean Championships were held at the King’s Sports Centre it was a tremendous success in terms of organisation and athlete participation. Plenty of women competed as well with the men last month.

It was all done by local powerlifting vet Tony McInerney, who not only organised it but competed too. “People new to powerlifting didn’t realise how extraordinary and intense it was,” he said.

“All feedback was: ‘When are we bringing it again?’ It was the greatest championship they’ve ever seen, and if we do they would like us be on board and help in some form. There was 1,000 people on the Internet watching it world wide.”

The international federation was so impressed they are looking at Cayman for hosting an even bigger championship next year.

There were two world record attempts during the two competition days. Dennis Ceiri from USA tried to lift 649lbs bench press. He almost had it. All he needed to do was lock his hand out.

Ceiri broke two world records at the Arnolds two weeks ago and one was the bench press. Thomas Cencich from USA attempted 462Lbs bench in his weight class but was not successful.

The world record attempts were the undoubted highlights and also the 870lbs squat by William ‘Trex’ Schouten from the US Virgin Islands.

McInerney did well in his competition for Cayman. He competed for first place in the 93 kilos weight class with Adrian Knox (Trinidad and Tobago). Each one kept jumping between first and second place. It came down to the dead-lifts. McInerney attempted the 617lbs. It was a weight he hadn’t done before. He got it about half way and couldn’t lock out and Knox won. The visually impaired lifter Carlos Greene from Trinidad and Tobago who holds 15 world records also competed.

“This event was so successful we were asked to hold the regionals in summer 2012 which consist of about 150-200 athletes and is held over a four day period,” said McInerney.

The Cayman team was very successful. In the men’s 66k open David Pattaway got gold, Tony Reid took silver and Pattaway won silver in the masters.

In the men’s sub-junior, there were silvers for Christopher Myles and Shirley Oscar Rivers. Jonathan McLaughlin grabbed silver in the men’s open junior and Rivers got another bronze. In the women’s 63k and the masters open, Jennifer Legrande got gold both times.

Overall Cayman women won the Champion of Champions cup (Best Lifter) and Cayman were third in the team event and second in the sub-juniors.