Kes the Band set to rock the house

Kes the Band’s unique blend of soulful vocals and calypso-inspired melodies over a fusion of rock riffs and island beats, hints of soca and reggae, but can best be described as Caribbean Pop.

This style has elevated Kes to stardom, allowing the band to become a household name in Trinidad & Tobago and throughout the Caribbean circuit, as well as in niche markets in the United States, Canada and Europe, where they consistently win over audiences with their electric and high-energy performances. Lead singer Kees is looking forward to bringing the band back on island.

“We’ve been to Cayman many times before; the last time was about four years ago for pirates week. Cayman has always been special to us and the fans go out of their way to make sure we are comfortable. On a few occasions we’ve been taken out to dinner by a few of them. Also, Cayman islands is one of the most beautiful destinations in our touring schedule. Yes we are definitely looking forward to coming back to the Cayman Islands.”

Close to the heart

Indeed, the concert, taking place on Friday night as part of Cayman Carnival Batabano, is near to the heart of the Trini act.

“Trinidad is the home, the mecca, the birthplace of carnival. It’s fantastic how our festival has crossed over to so many cities around the world. Along with the steel pan it is our gift to the world and as a people it makes our nation proud that we can bless the world with something as positive as carnival. We perform in many carnivals around the world and each city has their own interpretation of it. This is our first Cayman carnival and we are proud to be the ambassadors from Trinidad and Tobago for your festival.

“Over the last few years, Kes the Band has been associated with high energy, high octane performances. It is what has separated us from quite a few bands. But more importantly our performances are filled with good positive energy and Kees always has great interaction with the audience. You can expect nothing less than a fantastic time and production from the band. A lot of thought goes into how we approach each country. I’m not going to reveal any more,” laughs the singer, who adds that good company and positive vibes make for a fantastic time anywhere in the world.

“And Cayman has a lot of both.”

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