Locals blast systems

The idea of people making sport out of loud car noises is making waves. Proof of that can be seen at a sound system competition last weekend.

The Cayman Auto Enthusiasts Association recently held its first gathering for 2011. Titled Got Bass, the A.L. Thompson’s parking lot in George Town saw dozens of people come out to hear the loudest car audio systems and aftermarket exhausts. The event began later than the scheduled 6pm start time but still attracted a number of rides such as a red fifth generation Chevy Camaro, a Lexus IS300 and a number of Honda vehicles.

Among a sea of young car enthusiasts, one interesting competitor was swimming prodigy Seiji Groome, who took part in his Honda Accord (which produced a reading of 122.9 decibels). The loudest cars would emit well north of 125db as first place saw a Honda Accord produce 146.5db with a Dodge Caravan Sport in second making 144db.