Online poll: Most give bad grades to UDP

More than two-thirds of the respondents to last week’s online poll gave the United Democratic Party a poor or failing grade for the first two years of its four-year elected term.

The largest segment of respondents – 210 people or 44.6 per cent – gave the UDP a failing grade.

“Too much MLA spending and no apparent cutbacks by leaders,” said one person. “Just continuous spending on travel, when technology would allow for communications from Cayman.”

“The UDP government has made life harder for residents in the last two years,” said someone else. “The UDP has been a complete failure, the worst government we have ever had.”

“The UDP said if you voted for them, they would put you on your feet,” another person said. “This is about all they have accomplished so far, at least literally.”

Another 105 people – 22.3 per cent – gave the UDP a poor grade for its first two years.

“No control over finances,” said one person.

“We still allow departments to slide on financial reports,” said someone else. “Crime called serious is down, so says the police, yet it is still serious to the victims who are not comforted by statistics.”

Seventy-two respondents – 15.3 per cent – gave the UDP a fair grade. “Under some very difficult circumstances, I believe the UDP has performed fair,” said one person. “Considering where they started and what was accomplished thus far, not bad.

The only thing is the meandering on port plans etc., and sometimes behaviour, lowers the grade.”

“I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they get some of their projects started this year,” said someone else. “If not, change my grade to failing. If so, improve it to good.”

Forty-four people – 9.3 per cent – gave the UDP a good grade.

“Sure beats the last bunch,” said one person.

Twenty-four people – 5.1 per cent – graded the UDP’s first two years as excellent.

“It is necessary to evaluate our elected officials, as part of our responsibility to be good active citizens in a democracy,” said one person. “However, what would perhaps be equally, if not more beneficial, would be for us to individually evaluate ourselves and our contribution to society.

Many hands make work light, and there is much work to do in our islands and indeed the world. I pray that we encourage a spirit of camaraderie and work from the ground up, rather than bringing those in high places of office down to the ground.

Let’s be the change we want to see, if not for ourselves, for our innocent children who deserve to inherit islands that are not only free from war with other countries, but are home to people who are at peace with one another.”

Sixteen people – 3.4 per cent – responded “I don’t know” to the question.

Next week’s poll question

How safe do you feel in the Cayman Islands compared to other Caribbean islands?

Much safer

A little safer

A little less safe

A lot less safe

I don’t know

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  1. Lets wait and see until the UDP term is over. If the economy is still in the slumps. Then put out the poll. If the economy has turned around. Do we really need a poll?

  2. I’m not surprised at all, no one likes a government the doesn’t spend and borrow to satisfy whatever whims the people have. Unfortunately for the UDP they are in the position where they have to make the hard decisions which are also the most unpopular ones. The PPM clearly left the current government with a huge dept and while the UDP is fighting to keep the island afloat people seem to forget that it was the UDP that warned everyone that the Island needed to save money then to just keep spending and borrowing. It’s great to have nice things as we all know, but is it worth it to bankrupt yourselves to get them. The biggest fight going on now is the UDP fighting the UK to keep out direct taxation, which is what the UK has been pushing for due to the huge dept Cayman has incurred. Yet people say that the UDP is not thinking of the people. Bottom Line is the PPM had their chance and now the UDP is in charge. So they should have the respect of the people because they are their leaders. When was the last time everyone was happy with the reigning government? There will always be Ya and Na Sayers But to compare people like the Premier to Dictators like Castro and Duvalier is ridiculous, no one here can say the Caymans is anything like Cuba or Haiti. I don’t see any people sailing wooden rafts across the ocean to escape Caymanian life or people hungry and dying on the street.

    It sounds to me like the PPM are masters of Scare Tactics that thrive on people’s fears to rally them against their opponents. They are always saying that the UDP didn’t get their OK or clear things with them before making plans, or they didn’t do Environmental impact studied on thing like the EE Sea Port, yet these studies are clearly listed in the plans of action by the UDP who clearly said the all these ideas depended on the outcome of these type of studies, Do you really thing that the UPD would do something that would obviously cause damage to the island? Just because you support an Idea doesn’t mean it’s going to actually happen, it’s just an idea. Also, when the PPM was in charge did they get the clearance or OK things with the UPD before making plans.

    All the PPM (Alden)are interested in is rallying the people against the current government so They (Alden) can get back in the big seat.

    Sore Loser.

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