Heather Holt – underwater

Heather Holt offers some of her faves and sheds some light, so to speak, on underwater photography

I chose these photos because they are an example of shooting underwater with available light. There are pros and cons to only using available light when shooting underwater.

Using natural light tends to give the photo a more organic, natural feel. You can see the depth in the photo and subject. When using flash, the artificial light fills in all the shadows and can make the image look flat. This artificial light, however, is fantastic for bringing out the true colours of the underwater subject. As depth increases, the reds and oranges get lost. These photos were all taken at a depth of 40 feet or less, and even at such shallow depths the images appear very blue.

A variety of cameras was used in taking these photos. Of course, the more professional (and expensive) the camera and housing you have, the higher quality photos you will get. However, for those who cannot afford the state-of-the-art equipment, there are some photos in this collection that were taken with very simple point and shoots and their basic housings.

If there is an understanding of photography, composition and how to use a camera, many people can get good photos without spending their life’s savings.


  1. Some of the facts are innacurate such as the statement the more proffesional and expensive the camera and housing the higher quality photos .It is the Photographer who makes a picture NOT the equipment , after 30 years of shooting underwater I have seen amazing photos from inexpensive Point and Shoot cameras and some terrible photos from expensive DSLR and high priced housings.I just want to say I have never seen any of Ms. Holt’s work and don’t know what equipment she uses .I wish they had included some of her work in this article.

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