The Cayman week in sound-bites

“It’s a documentary of 42 minutes about the different capitals of the Caribbean. Thirty islands, to promote the whole of the Caribbean.” Martinique-based PATRICK BAUCELIN

‘Buddy, walk a mile in my shoes and try to deal with your screwed-up tourism board – how do you like that answer?” ROGER PIGGOT CEO, TV company, Iceman Production talking to Premier Bush

“There is a lot of power in those jaws; they can crush the shell of a small turtle.” GEDDES HISLOP of Cayman Turtle Farm on Smiley the croc.

“We need to be more creative with what we are doing as clients are looking for a unique experience.” KENRICK WEBSTER, of Webster’s Tours

“We need more [foster parents].It can make the key difference between a decent life and one full of struggles.” Community Affairs Minister MIKE ADAM

“Life was not always easy as it is in this microwavable era. There was once a time if we needed food, our forefathers had to literally catch it, or grow it.”

West Bay resident KAY POWERY, attending Art Trek

“It’s one of those products that those blue chip companies like: media. I am on prime time. ” ROGER PIGGOT CEO, TV company, Iceman Production who might locate to Cayman

The one thing you have 100 percent control over is yourself… your outlook, your attitude, and the way you interact with others. This will have the greatest impact on whether or not you succeed.” Education Minister ROLSTON ANGLIN addressing children from Passport2Success