Ascot for funds

The Olympic fundraising committee have another fabulous night planned to help raise money towards athletes’ expenses for the Olympic Games next year.

In replicating the Royal Ascot horse racing event in England – held in the same week as this event – the organising committee headed by the tireless chairperson Betty Baraud, has added two royal enclosures strictly for use by lookalike British celebrities, VIPs and of course, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and Prince William, and possibly Camila and HRH Prince Charles.

The enclosures will be fully staffed with butlers to serve the VIPs with their refreshments. Champagne and wines will be served within the enclosures throughput the evening.

The enclosures will be furnished with white leather sofas and enclosed with a white picket fence. Also, VIPs can venture out on to the grounds to mingle with the crowd, but guests have to follow protocol and be formally invited to enter the royal enclosures.

There will be horse racing and betting, a live auction with fabulous items, including a great package with opening ceremony and event tickets to the in London Olympics.

A lovely English Ascot themed dinner of cold cucumber soup, poached salmon, roast English lamb with homemade mint sauce, treacle tart and cream as well as strawberries and cream with some lovely wines is the menu. A highlight for the evening will undoubtedly be a Special appearance by Rod Stewart, who will perform during dinner and the winner of the Royal Ascot Cup.

Attire for the evening can be very British, with the full Monty of top hats and tails for gents and exquisite hats and fascinators for women.

The couple with the most authentic attire will win a prize, the same goes for a single lady or a single man. The winner of the races will receive the Royal Ascot Cup.

Entertainment for the evening is by the internationally renowned European Group, One World. For the finale, the evening skies will be aglow with fireworks. If you missed Project Runway you won’t want to miss An Evening at the Royal Ascot!

To organise a table of 12 or purchase a ticket contact Betty Baraud, at 945-1781 or [email protected]