Allow the New You to emerge

Time for a whole new you…

Submit your name for entry in our brand-new Lifestyle Makeover competition this month. 

The Observer on Sunday is offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win treatments from various companies, including fitness, nutrition, fashion, sportswear, hair and beauty and vitamins. 

The winner will be featured each month for seven months in the Observer on Sunday before and after the treatments. 

To enter this life-changing competition, visit – fill in the form and follow the instructions online. 

Attach a photo of yourself and write no more than 300 words on why you think you should be the person to get the Lifestyle Makeover. 

Entry deadline is Sunday, 5 June, so make sure to enter soon. 

We will pick three finalists on 6 June and invite them to Cayman Free Press to be interviewed by a panel of experts. 


As the winner, you will have to blog about your day-to-day experiences and tweet what you are doing, where you are, what you are eating, how you’re doing – the whole kit and kaboodle. 

There will be A New You web page set up on where the articles and blog will be AKA you’ll be a star! 

Prizes from Sports Supply include a heart monitor (make sure your ticker is a-okay), a pair of new trainers (new kicks) and work out wear in November (see… a new you). 

La Visage will supply a makeup lesson and a final makeup session before the final presentation in December. 

Moda will cut your hair and colour it, plus get you set up with some product. 

Anytime Fitness will provide a personal training session twice per week, a gym membership for the duration and a weekly meeting with a nutritionist to assess your diet. 

Monster Nutrition will provide a personalised supplement plan. 

This is all about being the best version of yourself… the best you… a new you.