Perspex gets a new look

An exhibition in New York City is currently celebrating the 75th anniversary of Lucite international who make acrylic based furniture and products perhaps more familiar to many from its other brand name, Perspex, a material very much beloved of psychedelic designers in the sixties. 

Originally created by DuPont, commercial production of Lucite began in 1936. During World War II, it was used for submarine periscopes, windshields and canopies as well as gun turrets for aeroplanes. Handbag, jewellery and furniture designers made Lucite a must-have material in the 1950s.  

One of the things that makes perspex endure is that it is easy to cut, join, form and fabricate. It also has the advantage of coming in a myriad of colours or in clear perspex. For the exhibition, architects and furniture designers have come up with some new looks that take perspex into the 21st century.