Put the best foot forward at your next job interview

As a graduate getting out into the world for the first time
and looking for a job can be a daunting process. However it doesn’t necessarily
need to be. If you know where to look for a job and what to do when you go for
an interview then the entire process can actually be quite an exciting

“There are many ways to search for jobs – the classified sections
in local newspapers are a good place to start; career fairs are open to the
public and often offer a variety of opportunities and of course the Internet,
which provides access to a large number of jobsites as well as many company
websites that now have areas dedicated to current vacancies,” says Milly
Serpell, managing director of SteppingStones Recruitment Ltd.

As this is a small island, it is possible to find a job
through word of mouth. Ask friends and family if they have heard of any
positions that are available. Chances are you will end up hearing of someone
who is looking to hire. Alternately, if you tell friends and family that you
are looking for a job, when they hear about job openings they will think of you
and will likely mention it to you.

The best place to look for a job is in the newspaper
Classified section. This is because the classified section is where businesses
generally advertise for positions. Look in the paper daily as the ads are
always changing. When you’ve found a job that interests you then get in contact
with the business for more information. The key element to remember when using
this method is to always check for an application deadline to ensure you don’t
miss it.

A method that is sure to offer results is looking for a job
through an agency. This will ensure that a job is found that is perfectly
suited to your qualifications and needs. Through agencies you are able to find
temporary and permanent jobs so be sure to specify exactly what you are looking
for. Agencies will also be able to offer you support and advice during the job
hunting process, which can be very helpful for recent graduates who are making
their first steps into the working world.

“Experienced recruiters will meet with candidates who send
their resumes in to us.  This is a first
chance for you to practice interview skills with us.  We will advise on current vacancies, send out
resumes and support suitable candidates through the entire interview and
selection process,” says Serpell.

Should the job search not go well using other means, then
consider going around to different businesses and handing out your CV. While
this may not provide results immediately, as companies may not be hiring at the
time, you will know that at least businesses will have seen your CV.


Interview tips

After you have found your ideal job it is time to begin
preparing for the interview process. Essentially the interview process is what
makes or breaks you. Should you conduct an excellent interview, chances are you
will get a second interview or even the job you’ve applied for; should it end
up being a terrible interview, then be prepared to have lost your chances at
obtaining the job.

However there are some general tips that can be followed to
ensure that the entire process goes as smoothly and as successfully as

When you first learn that you have gotten an interview with
a business it is then time to start doing research. Investigate a bit about the
business including aspects such as possible competition, the field of business and
the history of the company itself among other things. It is also a good idea to
research possible interview questions so you can prepare in-depth answers to questions you could be asked.

“The best way to calm your nerves and present yourself at
your best at interview is to be prepared. That includes – knowing the position
you are interviewing for, who you are interviewing with, where the interview
will be held, planning what to wear and the route you will take so you will not
be late,” says Serpell.  “In preparation
for the interview itself, study the job description and the responsibilities
and do some research into the company itself – what services they provide,
products they make, who are their competitors. 
You can use the Internet, local newspapers and speak to friends and
family who work or have worked there.”

When getting ready for an interview it is important to
remember that you are being interviewed as soon as you walk in the door. You
need to make sure you are presentable and professional from the moment you set
foot in the establishment. While others may not be directly speaking with you,
they will have a lot of say should you act or dress unprofessionally.

You should try to effectively manage your time to guarantee
that you do not arrive at the location far too early, or late, but that you are

When you arrive at a business, make sure you know the name
and title of the person you are supposed to meet with. Asking directly for the
person who you are meeting with will ensure that you look professional and that
you seem to be taking the entire process seriously.

When you meet with the person who is interviewing you it is
important to stay calm and be extremely professional. Ensure that your cell
phone is either off or on silent so it does not disturb the interview. You
should always make proper eye contact and never look at your watch.

While the interview is going on, show the interviewer that
you are interested in the job. Ask sensible and related questions to help
communicate your interests.

Be proactive

At the end of the day, job hunting and interviewing will go
smoothly as long as you take the time and effort to help make it successful.
Nothing comes free and as there are so many other graduates who can be
potential competition you need to make sure you stand out from the rest. Being
proactive and professional throughout the entire process can help to ensure
that employers will remember your name.


Looking for a job can be a very tedious process and at times
very demotivating. However if you keep a positive outlook and stay proactive
then you will be more likely to see positive results.



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