Business Expo

keep the economic engine moving, businesses will be fueling up on new
customers, contacts, and industry news at Cayman’s largest and longest running
Business Expo event! Also check out the latest information for the newest Expo
event coming up; the ‘Brac Business Weekend’ in its second year.

The Chamber’s Business Expo has been a staple for Cayman’s
business community for over 20 years. It is the one time a year that we can
really showcase just how far we have come as an economy. Forty or more
different businesses representing a diverse range of industries present their
latest products and services that might be seen at any mainland expo.

Many of
us may take for granted the availability of health clubs, first class hotels,
leading telecoms providers, designer clothing, epicurean food items, and luxury
car dealers but we should also appreciate that someone has taken both the time
and the effort to make these goods and services available to us. We have much
to be grateful for in the Cayman Islands and the Business Expo is an excellent
way to celebrate this good fortune and support our local entrepreneurs!

This year’s Business Expo will fall on 20-22 October 2011
and although it seems a long way off we encourage our Chamber members to start
their preparations now. We know from our State-of-Business Survey that our
members remain optimistic about Cayman’s future and are standing by for an
imminent economic recovery. We hope you will continue to see the benefits of
participating in the Expo and that you will showcase this enthusiasm and
confidence that makes us who we are as we celebrate our economic sustainability
and a prosperous future in our best Expo ever.

Fellow Chamber members like Digital D’sign, ADVantage
Graphic Design & Advertising Ltd., Pinnacle Publishing & Marketing,
Post Net Ltd., Tower Marketing & Publishing, BB&P Marketing
Communications, Vision Marketing, Wiggly Pen Creative Services, FSH Design Ltd.
and Fresh Image PR are excellent choices for helping you create the brand
presence you are looking for. They can also help you source great giveaway
items and advise you getting the most out of your Expo experience.

This is a three day event with a Grand Opening (invitation
only) on the Thursday evening. Officially opened by the Premier and the Chamber
President, it is the perfect opportunity to invite existing and future clients
as you present your business as a serious contributor to Cayman’s economic

Friday and Saturday are open to the public and see thousands
of people in attendance. This is your chance to remind your customers of your
new and existing products and services and get them excited about doing
business with your company! Many of our exhibitors come up with special offers,
prizes or discounts for visitors thus creating an even greater interaction with
the public. Owners and staff of participating businesses often remark that this
is the one time a year that they can really gauge their market position and get
some great feedback from customers and suppliers.

 For more
information on signing up for this year’s Business Expo, 
[email protected] or call her on 949-8090 ext. 123 

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