Brac Business Weekend


Last year Chamber council members met with the Sister
Islands Tourism Association (SITA) in an effort to establish a consistent and
long-term partnership that will help to drive investment to Cayman Brac and
Little Cayman.

 It was felt that with the support of the Chamber members,
businesses could be encouraged to think of the Sister Islands as a destination
for conferences, retreats, and board meetings as well as a possible home for
outsourcing with internet and communications technologies at a click of a
mouse.  In response to these discussions,
the Brac Business Weekend was developed to connect Grand Cayman residents
interested in investment and business opportunities with Cayman Brac business

Due to a very successful inaugural event we are pleased to
announce the second annual Brac Business Weekend that will take place from
Friday, 12 August to Sunday 14 August 2011. This is an excellent opportunity
for Chamber members and the wider community to see first-hand the economic
strengths and innovative possibilities available for local and overseas
investors to these Islands.   

Although the event focus is a business one, The Sister
Islands Tourism Association (SITA) is keen to stress that families are welcome
and there will a number of fun activities planned for children including a Kids
Camp on the Saturday. If you’ve never been to the Brac or it’s been awhile, it
really is worth your time to attend. Items on the agenda will include a welcome
party, a Trade Show, a delicious BBQ, and Island tour organised for your
pleasure. The Sister Islands are very unique and have much to offer both as
vacation destinations or as considerations for your business needs. Explore the
opportunities available to you. Special package rates on hotels, flights and
car rental to be confirmed.

The Trade Show will highlight local artisans and other businesses
and organisations like SITA, Cayman Brac Heritage House, Tranquil Realty, the
National Trust, Heritage Designs, Department of Commerce and Investment, ERA
Realty, Carib Sands Resort, Cayman Brac Power & Light, Walton’s Mango
Manor/Sea Dreams Villa, Vanderbuilt Construction, Cayman Airways, Brac Reef
Beach Resort, University College of the Cayman Islands and Parrot Estates. Also
on the agenda will be remarks from Deputy Premier, Honourable Julianna
O’Connor-Connolly, Mr. Moses Kirkconnell, MLA and District Commissioner Mr.
Ernie Scott.   

The Chamber is pleased to have
SITA as a member and we look forward to working with them to promote both the
Brac and Little Cayman as a tourism destination and exciting investment

For more information
on the Brac Business Weekend

 Contact [email protected]  

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