Creating a resilient, sustainable economy

We have recently seen the unveiling of a Crime Reduction Strategy from the Crime Reduction Working Group on behalf of the National Security Council. This 43-page document outlines our best hope for Cayman as we struggle to get a footing on an escalating crime rate unfamiliar to our Islands until recent years.

The Chamber supports this initiative geared to crime prevention and has been speaking out for many years on the need for a Crime Prevention Strategy. Past President Stuart Bostock at the first BE INFORMED series presentation back in early 2010, expressing the membership’s position, made a persuasive argument specifically aimed at better cooperation between border agencies, increased resources for early intervention for at-risk youth and tougher penalties for violent crime.

Commissioner Baines, the keynote speaker at more than one BE INFORMED event, showed support for these ideas and has maintained contact with the Council and membership to report on crime reduction strategies and the progress being made. It is good to see that these and many other excellent ideas are on their way to fruition. We are also encouraged to see that there is a high level of accountability and that progress will be measured through economic indicators and available statistics.

The Enhance Quality of Life driver that we are featuring in this quarter’s magazine clearly outlines in the desire for a greater focus on Public Safety and a National Crime Prevention Strategy.

We have reached a time in our lives where there is no place for longwinded rhetoric and posturing. Now is the time for methodical, practical action. This is why the Chamber initiated the Future of Cayman economic development initiative and why we are pleased to see a similar approach being used towards the issue of crime prevention through the National Security Council working groups.

What we have been doing in the past is no longer working for us – the world is not the same. Technology, economies, our environment – the world is evolving and our only choice is to embrace these changes and move forward as a community. Some may mourn from whence we came but unless we are willing to look forward to a sustainable and prosperous future that is where we will stay.

With a weakened economy also comes many harsh realities that include unemployment, loss of housing, and cuts in public safety, education and healthcare. The Future of Cayman is focused on the rebuilding of our economy whilst bringing the community together to ensure the evolvement of policies, procedures and practices necessary for its success.

This initiative is support the preservation of Cayman, our values, ideals, and way of life. The Future of Cayman Forum allowed us to look at ourselves with fresh eyes and see how we compare to similar jurisdictions and what we can do to create a more resilient, sustainable and attractive economy for investors and residents.

This strategic document is a culmination of ideas and suggestions from many hard working men and women from both the public and private sectors, including many Chamber members, who have provided their expertise, knowledge and experience on all matters relating to the five key drivers: Develop Talent, Create a Business Friendly Environment, Diversify the Economy, Enhance Quality of Life, and Build a Smarter Infrastructure. Please familarise yourself with the report and let us know your views.

You will be able to monitor our progress through the website and keep up-to -date with the latest news through Twitter, Facebook and the Future of Cayman blog.

Each driver has a set of key economic indicators that can offer measurable outcomes from the objectives and actions and there will regular updates from the co-chairs and steering committee. Companies and individuals are also given an option to endorse the initiative through our online form and write to your elected officials. We welcome your feedback. This is an ongoing process designed to offer a no-nonsense solution to some of Cayman’s immediate difficulties with an eye on a united and abounding future.

If you would like to be considered as a driver or action group member charged with the implementation of the agreed driver objectives, please contact Wil Pineau, CCE at [email protected] The Future of Cayman belongs to us all.

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