Grand Cayman Programmes

 Agape Christian Fellowship
Contact: 949-2539

Ambassadors of the Environment by Jean-Michel Cousteau
Contact: 815-6017

Bethany Adventist Church
Contact: 949-2647

Bethel Adventist Church
Contact: 949-2647

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Contact: 945-6315
or 938-6300

Bodden Town Adventist Church
Contact: 946-0033

Cayman Associated School of Karate
Contact: 925-3367

Cayman Islands Cadet Corp
Contact: 928-8823

Cayman Islands Girls’ Brigade
Contact: 949-7666

Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce
Contact: 949-8090


 Cayman Islands Little League Association
Contact: 945-3553


 Cayman Islands Sailing Club
Contact: 926-7913


 Cayman Islands Reading Aides
Contact: 945-1934


 Cayman Islands Youth Development Consortium
Contact: 947-5742


 Church of God Chapel Walkers Road
Contact: 925-2314


 Church of God Chapel West Bay
Contact: 929-6526


 Church of Prophecy
Contact: 949-7453


 Claude Bailey Tutoring
Contact: 926-3812


 Commonwealth Youth Club of the Cayman Islands
Contact: 326-4813


 Department of Employment Relations
Contact: 945-3114


 Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
Contact: 925-5291


 East End Adventist Church
Contact: 947-4873


 East End United Church
Contact: 926-5368


 Education Council Scholarships
Contact: 244-3154


 Elmslie United Church
Contact: 325-5111


 Ephesus Adventist Church
Contact: 926-1465


 Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre
Contact: 928-4303


 Filadelfia Adventist Church
Contact: 949-2647


 Frank Sound Church of God
Contact: 947-3691


 Girls Guides Association
Contact: 947-8889


 George Town Adventist Church
Contact: 949-2647


 Junior Achievement, Cayman Islands
Contact: 949-4306


 John A. Cumber Primary School
Contact: 949-3314


 John Gray Memorial United Church
Contact: 949-1378


 Key Club
Contact: 949-6022


 Kings Adventist Church
Contact: 947-4862


 Leo Club of Grand Cayman
Contact: 244-2286


 Maranatha Adventist Church
Contact: 947-4862


 National Drug Council
Contact: 949-9000


 National Trust for the Cayman Islands
Contact: 749-1126


 Newlands Adventist Church
Contact: 947-1176


 National Youth Commission
Contact: 946-6151


 North Side Adventist Church
Contact: 945-6751


 Optimist Club of Grand Cayman
Contact: 325-6634


 Rehoboth Family Enrichment Programme
Contact: 949-3905


 Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman
Contact: 926-8271


 Savannah Adventist Church
Contact: 947-9963


Contact: 949-1515


 Set For Life After School & Training Programme
Contact: 916-1091


 Soldiers of the Light
Contact: 924-2005


 South Sound Squash Club
Contact: 949-9469


 Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands Club
Contact: 926-5570


 West Bay Adventist Church
Contact: 946-0033

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