Maples and Calder continues its support of academic talents

The Cayman Islands United World Colleges National Foundation (CIUWC) has received a donation of US$25,000 from the Maples Foundation in support of its scholarship programme.  

Maples and Calder is the longest standing, and largest benefactor in partnership with CIUWC to provide scholarships for academically talented and service-oriented Caymanian students. Through such major commitment, Maples and Calder has allowed CIUWC to sustainably expand both the number of students selected to represent Cayman at the United World Colleges as well as increase its outreach to students.  

This year’s selected applicants, Zachary Jones, Abigail Drummond and Kathryn Schirn were chosen from a pool of 22 excellent candidates. They will be attending UWC-USA, UWC of the Atlantic in Wales and UWC Costa Rica, respectively. 

Orchid Morrison, Chairperson for CIUWC, expressed the gratitude of the Board for the consistent commitment of the firm. “Maples and Calder has been a long standing and most generous sponsor of CIUWC, we are extremely grateful for and touched by their continued support to this very worthy cause which affords young Caymanians the opportunity to excel locally and internationally both socially and academically,” she said.  

“Work in the community has always been part of the culture of the firm,” said Paul Lumsden, managing partner at Maples and Calder. “We believe that investment can have a profound impact when spent locally. The Maples Foundation is committed to our responsibility as corporate citizens and, therefore, seeks to assist organisations that will benefit the youth of our community.” 

Without corporate sponsorship, many charitable organisations would find themselves lacking the support and adequate funding to provide invaluable services to the local community, Ms. Morrison said. “Maples and Calder is an excellent role model/example of corporate citizenship in the Cayman Islands and a boon to the Cayman Community and its young people.” 

With regard to Maples and Calder’s relationship with the CIUWC, Mr. Lumsden added, “We have been a supporter of this programme for many years and are proud to stand behind such a unique and vitally important initiative. We are delighted that it has grown and firmly believe that, with continued corporate investment, it will afford many students the opportunity of further education through its scholarship programmes.” 

Conceived in the 1950’s by educationalist Kurt Hahn, who is also the founder of the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme, UWC offers an exceptional learning and living experience for students from over 120 countries.  

Founded on the ideals of international peace and understanding, the 13 United World Colleges are university preparation programmes for students aged 16–18 years that award the International Baccalaureate Diploma on successful completion. The programme is based upon participation in a two-year, academically rigorous set of courses coupled with community service, cultural endeavours and physical activities. 


Companies and individuals interested in making a donation to CIUWC are invited to contact Ms. Orchid Morrison at [email protected] or 345–814–2734. 

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