Home Gas chase repeat

Home Gas is one of the dynasties of Cayman softball. In a few days the side hopes to start another championship run.

Monday 25 July sees the start of the 2011 Fall Adult Co-ed Softball League. Put on by the Cayman Islands Little League, matches will take place throughout the week at the George Town Field of Dreams facility until November.

Home Gas are fresh off of claiming the A league title back in May. Team captain Peter Whittaker, 29, was part of the squad’s eighth title season in the last 12 years. Whittaker, who turns 30 this month, states the upcoming season should be an entertaining one.

“It feels good when Home Gas is considered a dynasty,” Whittaker said. “Winning seven seasons is a huge accomplishment, but at the end of the day we just go out there to have fun and play softball. The upcoming season should be very interesting.

“I have players calling and emailing prior to the start of every season telling me that they are putting in a team to take down Home Gas. We enjoy having the bulls-eye on us and we always welcome the competition.”

Home Gas was one of three winners in the winter campaign. Maples Sluggers defied the odds to claim the B league title while The Security Centre nabbed the C league championship in their rookie campaign. To be clear the three leagues represent varying levels of competition with A being intense, B being recreational and C labelled as social.

Co-ed softball coordinator Alan Markoff, a player himself over the years, states those results came after interesting regular season showings by all of the clubs.

“Last season showed how evenly matched the co-ed programme can be,” Markoff said. “None of the three league champions from the previous season successfully defended their title. Although Home Gas pretty much was the top team in the A league from wire to wire, the B and C leagues had major surprises as champions. In the B-League, Maples didn’t even win until their 10th game, but they got hot at the right time and won some close games in the play-offs. In the C-League, The Security Centre lost its first three games, but played much better after that and they also had an excellent play-off run. But most of all, the players on all the teams had fun, which is really what the co-ed league is all about.”

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