Online Poll: Dart Group project supported most

The Cayman Islands’ far-reaching ‘mega deal’ with the Dart Group is the proposed government project supported most by respondents to last week’s 
online poll. 

That deal involves, among other things, the Dart Group closing, capping and remediating the George Town Landfill; setting up a new solid waste management facility in Bodden Town; extending the Esterly Tibbetts Highway to West Bay; renovating and expanding the former Courtyard Marriott hotel; providing $18 million for community projects; and the government closing a 2,500-foot section of West Bay Road. Of the 622 total respondents, 184 – 29.6 per cent – supported the Dart Group deal the most. 

“Dart is a proven investor and gets the job done and always first class,” said one respondent. 

“The first three choices are vital to Cayman,” said another person. “The last two are just bad ideas no matter how you look at them.” 

“Let’s say I don’t oppose the Dart deal, but I do have serious reservations about one man or entity with so much influence and control in the country,” said someone else.  

“Dart has done mostly all the right things so far. I fear human nature tells us this may not always be the case.  

And then what do we do?” 

The second largest segment of respondents – 157 people or 25.2 per cent – supported Dr. Shetty’s hospital most. 

“Equal with the Dart Group deal,” said one person. 

“The others, excluding Enterprise City, are a terrible idea,” said someone else. 

Cayman Enterprise City, the proposed project on which a definitive agreement was signed just this week, received the next largest segment of votes – 95 or 15.3 per cent – from respondents who said they supported it most. 

“I think that this has the potential to really diversify what the island does, as well as expanding opportunities for young people,” said one person. 

“This best suits our economy and labour pool,” said someone else.  

“It has more potential to be another economic leg and offer more for the future.” 

“I support CEC, but want to know where to apply,” said another person. “I’m IT degreed and unemployed.” 

Forty-three respondents – 6.9 per cent – said they supported the East End Seaport most of the government projects listed and 14 people – 2.3 per cent – said they supported the George Town oil refinery most. 

Another large segment of respondents – 129 people or 20.7 per cent – responded ‘none of the above’ to the question. 

“The new George Town Port with China Harbour,” said one person. 

“Crime reduction,” said someone else.“A larger prison,” said another respondent.“They need to get their act together first,” said one person. 


Next week’s poll question 

How much does Grand Cayman’s spate of violent crime affect the way 
you live? 

Not at all 

A little 

A good amount 


I don’t live on Grand Cayman 

I don’t know 


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  1. I’m amazed you found 14 people willing to vote for the oil refinery…

    The Dart scheme is definitely worthwhile, but it holds nothing like the potential to transform Cayman’s economy that the CEC enterprise zone does.

  2. While I do believe the Deal will greatly benefit the Country and the CIG, I agree with JTB that the Enterprise Zone looks to have the most potential benefit to the Cayman people. For one thing will be opportunities for people who are willing to take advantage of them to get into positions in the IT Industry that currently are almost non existant on the island.

  3. In the case of this poll, Who are the most?. You fail to note this is for entertainment purposes only for some government official may take it to be a true reflection of the voting public.

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