New You – getting down to business

Today I worked out with Christine at Anytime
Fitness during my lunch break.  I was feeling good about working up to an
incline of 3 on the treadmill but today we STARTED at 3 and quickly
worked up to 10!!!  The warm up was definitely more
challenging and Christine integrated stretches after each exercise to keep my
muscles ‘relaxed’.

I got on this assisted chin-up machine. 
This is great for working on your bra-roll and doesn’t widen your back or

Engaging a personal trainer can
be costly but it is a super investment!  The first time I met
Christine at Anytime Fitness, we discussed my fitness goals and her guidance
will make the difference between success and failure for me.   I
would have bypassed this machine and gone for a different one which would
actually have given the opposite results!

I am super excited about getting arms that
look like Christine’s.  Move over Michelle Obama

THEN I went back this afternoon for a cardio workout and thought
that the Latin Dance class sounded like just the thing for me.  6 minutes
in I wanted to die!  But I stuck it out and apart from problems with my
shoes sticking on the floor, I was able to keep up or improvise.  Tonight
I expect to be comatose.


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