Elite clobbers East End

Elite SC is shining bright in the Cayman Islands Football Association Beach Football League.  

Elite scored eleven goals against a East End Select team last Sunday at the Everglo Beach Football venue in Bodden Town. The match, which ended 11-6, was one of the first set of games in the competition (which started after an exhibition game played by the National Women’s Under 17 and Under 20 teams). 

In other games played at that same venue, East End United lost to Academy 3-0 and Tigers edged Roma 5-4. 

Games continued last Saturday 23 July at the Royal Palms Beach on West Bay Road. East End United battled Tigers and a football association select squad faced Academy SC. On Sunday at the Everglo bar Roma United faces East End Select.  

Beach Football is now officially a part of the official calendar of competitions offered by the football association following a three-day FIFA Course applied by two FIFA Instructors to beach football referees and coaches back in May.  

A big reason for the inclusion of beach football in the football association’s calendar is due to the rise in popularity of the game and its exciting opportunities for the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands.  

The sport of beach football is distinctly different to regular football. Teams consist of just five players (four outfield players and the goalkeeper), and (due to the small size of the field) games are fast-moving and high-scoring. Games regularly feature upwards of ten goals, with the majority of goals scored within four or five passes. 

There is an emphasis on acrobatic goals, with spectacular volleys and headers common. Games are divided into three 12-minute periods and there are no draws – games are decided by extra time and/or penalties.  

With Cayman having an international reputation for pristine beaches, beach football has been identified as a potential venue for future international tournaments. 


Beach football is taking off in Cayman.

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