Anglin chooses trial by judge alone

Trial scheduled to start 8 August

Devon Anglin, accused of murdering 4-year old Jeremiah Barnes, has chosen to be tried by judge alone.  

Anglin appeared in Grand Court on Monday to state for the record which mode of trial he elected; if he had not elected judge alone, his trial would have proceeded with a 12-member jury. 

The trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, 8 August. 

Jeremiah was killed on the evening of 15 February, 2010. He was in the back seat of a vehicle outside Hell Esso Station in West Bay with his parents and older brother when he was struck in the head by a bullet. 

Anglin, 25, is represented by Attorney Lucy Organ. He made his election before Justice Karl Harrison. 


  1. Why does this not surprise me?
    Just look at the recent judge only trial cases and the verdicts.
    Come on GC, about time you adopted 12 good men and true system.

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