Chamber magazine wins Gold Award

The American Chamber of Commerce Executives has designated Chamber magazine, published by Cayman Free Press, as a Gold Award winner in its 2010-2011 Award for Communication Excellence competition.  

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce quarterly review is now a finalist for a Best in Show award to be announced during the organization’s annual convention 3-6 August. 

Cayman Islands Chamber CEO Wil Pineau will attend the convention in Los Angeles where the formal award presentation will take place.  

“Winning a Gold Award acknowledges the hard work of the Chamber membership, staff and our magazine partner, Cayman Free Press, to produce one of the best magazines for our size in the Chamber industry. The membership, contributors and advertisers should be proud of this achievement. Without everyone’s support, this award would not have been possible,” Mr. Pineau said. 

With an annual budget of less than $1 million, the Cayman Islands Chamber was designated as a Class 2 organization, while Class 1 organizations had budgets of more than $1 million. The Cayman Islands Chamber was one of three Class 2 organizations to win a Gold Award, along with the Beaufort, South Carolina, Regional Chamber of Commerce and Kansas City Area Development Council. 

Chamber magazine’s Gold Award came in the category of Member and Community Publications. The Class 1 Gold Award winner in that category was the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association for its St. Louis Commerce Magazine. 

In all, eight organizations won Gold Awards out of 83 entries from North America and the Caribbean. Bronze and Silver award winners have also been designated. The Cayman Islands Chamber is the only group from outside of the US to win an award. During the annual convention, a Best in Show winner will be announced from the five Class 1 Gold Award winners, and a Best in Show winner will be announced from the three Class 2 Gold Award winners. 

“Achieving the Gold Award places our Chamber at the epicentre of recognition among some of the best Chambers in North America: our main trading partner. It is an excellent promotional tool for our member businesses. The Gold Award opens new opportunities to attract new businesses, visitors and investors. It is a product that we should all be proud of and support,” Mr. Pineau said. 

In the Class 2 Member & Community Publications category, the Bronze Award winner was the Albany, Georgia, Area Chamber of Commerce for its “Business” magazine. There is no Silver Award winner in that category. 

Chamber magazine earned a score of 93.5 out of a possible 100 points.  

“Scoring was based on needs identification, objectives, writing and presentation, design, content and materials. Two independent judges in the communications field were asked to score the magazine on each of these areas,” Mr. Pineau said. 

Winning the Gold Award will provide positive marketing for the Cayman Islands Chamber and the country, he said.  

“Our Chamber will be able to use the Gold ACCE symbol on all of our communications for the year to acknowledge this outstanding achievement. This places us among the best in the industry for our size and provides the Cayman Islands with outstanding international exposure.” 

Chamber magazine previously has been recognized by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, winning an Award of Excellence in the Magazine category in the 2007-2008 competition, which then did not distinguish between small and large chambers. 

The American Chamber of Commerce Executives is an association of 7,800 members involved in the management of 1,400 chambers of commerce in North America and 
the Caribbean. 

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