Local TV goes HD

High-definition local broadcasts are coming to Cayman, possibly as soon as October, when CITN plans to launch Cayman 27 in the HD format.

CITN is also going to air 24/7 local weather on cable channel 24, according to a news release. This channel will automatically update the latest local, regional and international weather news, including hourly local forecasts and storm alerts.

WestStar customers can watch the local channel in standard definition on Channel 27, and subscribers to WestStar’s HD service can watch in high definition on channel 327. Viewers who receive the signal free over-the-air may need a converter box if their TV cannot receive a digital signal.

As CITN focuses its efforts on Cayman 27, the news release reads, Island 24 will be taken off the air, and many of the most popular programmes from Island 24 will be merged onto Cayman 27.

Programming Director Anita Smith said, “In the next few weeks, we will have a better idea of what the new lineup will look like and we will make sure that the public are aware of changes well in advance.”


  1. A bit confusing, will channel 24 be taken off the air or will it run 24/7 local weather? Does off the air mean off broadcastfree TV or off cable broadcastfree. Will CITN still fulfill its license requirement if 24 is taken off the air? Will 27 still be broadcast over the air on uhf or only on HD/digital signal. Inquiring minds want to know.

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