Summer blooms at Gallery

Sixteen local artists extol the virtues of island living in perpetual summer in a new exhibit at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Gallery beginning Wednesday, 3 August. 

“Our artists have come of age on these shores and we celebrate their work as they continue to blossom – a continuous evolution of what we have to offer in the Cayman Islands,” says the promotional material for the exhibit, which is also sponsored by Cayman Traditional Arts. 

The artists showcased in this exhibit are: Avril Ward, Christel Ibsen, Deborah Brookes, Gordon Solomon, Hannah Cook, Rachelle Rivers, Judy Mir, Kerwin Ebanks, Lorna Griggs, Maureen Anderson, Maria Bodden, Randy Chollette, Sue Howe, Renate Seffer and CJ Viggers. 


Fishn’in for the Past by Gordon Solomon.


Succession by Kerwin Ebanks.

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