West Bay Scholars claim FA Cup over Bodden Town

Scholars International recently won the 2011 Cayman Islands Football Association Under 21 FA Cup title.

The West Bayers beat Bodden Town FC 3-2 at the TE McField Sports Centre in George Town.

Scholars head coach Mario Watler was pleased with the win.

“We are happy to have won this cup just like any other team that wins a cup,” Watler said. “The boys worked hard for this, it took a lot of preparation leading up to this final. Actually this is the first cup for most of these players and I am happy for them. They really appreciated this win. It was only four teams participating in this competition, I hope that come next season more teams will be involved to make the league and the FA Cup more interesting.”

Head Coach of Bodden Town Elbert McLean states the difference was his team missing their number one goal-keeper.

“We were missing our number one goal keeper Ramon Sealy who was off island and came in that afternoon,” McLean said. “Other than that I think my team played well, if we had at least ten minutes left in the game it could have brought a different result. Anyway that’s how the game of football is.”

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