Getting in the zone

 Denize has been working out twice a week with Anytime
Fitness personal trainer and instructor, Christine Connor. The Observer on
Sunday joined them for an early morning work out to see how Denize was

Christine uses the environment
around her in Camana Bay to vary the work outs so they do not get boring, so
for a warm up instead of the treadmill, Denize runs up to the top of the Tower
two steps at a time.  It is grueling,
Denize is struggling, but encouraged all the way by Christine , she  does 
twice! Her time is around seventy two seconds. Christine says that one
male client can now do it in thirty two seconds though most of the women manage
in around sixty seconds – so for Denize that’s as target to aim for .

Back at Anytime Fitness Denize goes on the rowing machine
then does chin ups , for women with bat wings or flabby arms this one really
sorts them  out as it helps target the
triceps, a difficult area for most women to firm up.

Denize is managing it too easily so Christine
ups the weights!

Next up is walking lunges holding an 8lb medicine ball. It
is heavy.  And her arms are above her
head. She is doing well but Christine needs to keep checking her technique as
she is crossing over her leg at the front as she lunges which could cause knee
strain.  Walking lunges with a weight as
well firming up the legs and butt also raises the heart rate so has
cardiovascular benefits. Lastly she does stretches. Christine comments that Denize
has good balance and her core strength is good to but she needs to do more cardiovascular
work to improve over all fitness, keep up progressive strength training and to
continue to improve her flexibility.

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