Government workers kick through

The government football league sees its next set of matches in West Bay on Monday 1 August.

The Ed Bush stadium sees a pair of evening matches in the Cayman islands Annual Government Football League. The contests follow on heels of last week’s opening round of play, with the highlight being last Monday’s openers.

The competition started off than with a highly intense match between the CI Monetary Authority and CI Aviation Association. From the blow of the referee’s whistle CIAA’s defence was under attack. CIMA’s coach, technical director and equipment manager Ariel Tatum directed his team on and off the pitch with his leadership skills.

Within the 10th minute CIMA’s Renford Barnes sped down the right flank and floated a nicely weighed ball to the foot of Raheem Robinson who wasted no time in netting in the first goal of the night. However, CIAA was not to be ruled out as their captain/coach Jeremy Miller kept them in the game with many great saves. In the 22nd minute Tatum slotted home a penalty from the spot after CIAA’s keeper received a yellow card for a tackle in the 18 yard box.

The second half saw a new CIAA team with a wave of attacks from brothers Simone and Joel Rivers and team-mate Ryan Whittaker. Both teams fielded girls who had tremendous skills like Roshenara Khan, Shawanna Hera and Sue Nixon. CIAA’s defence tightened up with Adrian Morgan directing his team from the back. However, CIMA would prove to be to strong and end the night on a 3-0 score.

The second match saw rivals Fire Station and Custom Pirates (a combination of the Customs department and the Pirates Week Committee) in action. Both teams fielded their respective side to much tension. At the beginning of the game Fire looked to dominate with seasoned players like John Kelly, Yannick Solomon, Ross Hydes and veterans such as Arden River, Norman Joseph and Henry Ebanks.

They sent a sequence of attacks on the Custom Pirates defence, which made Customs captain Gregory Ebanks adjust his defence by adding Tommy Wood to the back to give them strength alongside of Armando Range.

After each team made their adjustments and their nerves settled so did the flow of the game. Both teams displayed great ball work especially in the midfield third of the halves. The game ended in 0-0 score and although it was not a high goal-scoring game it was a pleasure to watch as both teams kept it interesting, especially the ladies Petrina Bernard, Brittni Ebanks and Wendy McField.

Wednesday 21 July saw the third game of the league between Turtle Farm Loggerheads and Her Majesty’s Prison Service. Unlike the Fire versus Custom Pirates game, this match was full of great goals; 13 in fact. Of that number, 12 being were scored by H.M. Prison.

Although the Loggerheads may have gotten out scored they displayed great individual skill and team sportsmanship. Team Loggerheads fielded a side mostly of veteran players such as Joel McCray, Bruce Ebanks and Raymond Hydes while H.M. Prison fielded a slightly younger side. In spite of the battle between experience and youth, everyone had an enjoyable night.

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