New You blog for August 17, 2011

The average Trini looks forward to visits home and plans months in advance for the meetings with friends and the food he or she is going to enjoy.  

My food list includes my all-time favourites: Catch (chocolate candy bar), Ginger Shandy (BEST drink if you’re not into beer), Kiss Cakes (like a twinkie, but SOO much better) and fudge from the store in West Mall.  

None of these would pass muster with Helke, I would hazard to guess.  And they were fairly easy to steer clear off.  But there were hidden dangers- like my sister and sisters in law who are some of the best cooks I know.  And my mother, whose vacation-mode cooking is not high fibre/low fat.  Simple casseroles take on new life and sinfulness when Lisa’s in the kitchen.  And no matter what flavour these ladies are baking, it tastes like Devil’s Food!  We need to rethink how our families get together…

There were quite a few opportunities for keeping active.  Airport walking is brutal!  The family reunion featured races on the beach and walking uphill on the cocoa estate roads was challenging.  Jude and I did some walking lunges together on mornings and I even pedalled a boat across a lake one good Sunday.  

What is important is planning ahead.  For the first time I looked for fitness facilities at a hotel.  Looking at the menus of in-house restaurants ahead of time helped me to plan sensible meals and pack nourishing snacks for my flight.  The chocolate Gnu bars are growing on me and I stocked up on sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and almonds for the trip.

My next weigh in will tell if my preparations made any difference.

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