Thieves try to steal hospital ATM

    Cayman Islands Hospital stolen ATM
    Thieves tried to remove an ATM machine from inside the lobby of the Cayman Islands Hospital in the early hours of Friday morning.

    Hospital staff said the attempted theft of the machine by two men, who were travelling in a truck stolen earlier from a garage, was caught on CCTV.

    Between 12.30am and 1am Friday, 2 September, the two men tried to remove the Butterfield Bank ATM from hospital’s public lobby, but did not manage to get it outside, police said.

    They were travelling in a black Dodge Ram vehicle, number plate 138 237. The vehicle, which was stolen from the Red Gate Garage on Red Gate Road, George Town, sometime after 8pm Thursday evening, was still missing by late Friday afternoon.

    Lizzette Yearwood, CEO of the Health Services Authority, said: “The individuals were unsuccessful in their attempt and the RCIPS, Butterfield and hospital staff are working closely together to investigate the incident.”

    Butterfield has since removed the ATM from the premises.

    “It is regrettable that the actions of these individuals will cause some inconvenience to those that use the services of the ATM, and we hope to have it fully functional again as soon as possible,” Ms Yearwood said.

    Anyone with any information regarding the incident at the hospital, the theft of the truck or its present whereabouts, should contact DC Lizzy Berns at George Town police station on 949-4222. Information can also be passed via the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS). 

    Cayman Islands Hospital ATM location

    The empty corner of the hospital lobby where the ATM used to be. – PHOTO: NORMA CONNOLLY


    1. It’s amazing — there are now multiple levels of crime. Steal a car, use the stolen car to steal an ATM. the same situation happened with the story discussed earlier in the week — the ram-raid where they stole a car and used it to ram into a store.

      It’s interesting that the second crime makes the news, but no one reports the car thefts.

      I had my car stolen two years ago. The police came, investigated, and basically told me it was lost and there was no hope of recovering it. I also had a scooter stolen, and the police barely even cared, saying it’s probably just some local kids having some fun. That didn’t give me much comfort. The scooter was recovered because the gas tank had a lock on it, so they abandoned it once it ran out of fuel, but it was significantly damaged.

      Every time I see one of these stories, I ask this question: WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING ABOUT THE CRIME PROBLEM? I encourage EVERYONE to keep asking this question, until the government is forced to acknowledge it and offer up some sort of response!

    2. How can you not find any vehicle on an island 24×10.


      Especially since the island is crescent shaped.

      Close off the road leading into west bay. Then send a few dozen officers in west bay to search every garage, house, nook and cranny. Should only take 3 hours with 30 officers. Then as this is happening. Screen every vehicle coming and going at that choke point.

      Once west bay is clear. Move the choke point down to HSBC/kirk supermarket area. Keeping the existing choke point at west bay.

      Search in between that area. 1 hour max it should take (governor’s harbor area)
      Then remove the choke point at west bay, keeping the HSBC choke point, and move it down to hurleys.

      Now check in between there. This would take the longest. 4 or 5 hours.

      ect ect ect. Eventually you are going to find the car, or the culprits. In bank robberies with vehicles. Or just the stolen vehicles. Within 24 hours. Done. End of story.

      Once you start doing sweeps like this. Stolen vehicle crime will stop.

    3. Big Berd — not as easy as you think. There are a ton of little hiding places, under the brush, etc. There are a ton of places to hide a car in barkers alone, not to mention in every garage, behind every house, etc.

      And of course, there’s a manpower issue. How many cops do you think they can devote to such a search and checkpoint? 30 officers is likely a good portion of the RCIPS on duty on any given shift. As you devote all this manpower to a stolen car, people are committing robberies in other parts of the island because the police are fully occupied.

      In the case of my stolen car, I live in West Bay. I woke up on a Saturday morning to find it gone, but who’s to say it was even still in West Bay by the time I called the police? It may have already been on east end or north side, getting stripped apart.

      It is a small island, but it’s still 100 square miles of surface area. Not as easy to find a car hidden in 100 square miles as you might expect.

      Think of it this way — there was the nurse who went missing a few weeks ago, and over a year ago the womman went missing who worked at the land-fill. If the RCIPS couldn’t put together the sort of effort you’re suggesting in a search for a missing person, they most certainly can’t do it for a stolen car.

    4. Big Berd, how about whoever it is that lives next door to where the truck is parked call the police? The community HAS to accept some responsibility, it is far too convienient just to keep blaming the police. If you suspect a person of a crime or you know of a crime report it to someone.
      But like I said release the CCTv footage. At this point the public does not have a clue to even the gender of the perps

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