Woman attacks ATM with her high heel


Ever get irritated at an uncooperative ATM? We do all the time.
Ever start smashing it with your high heel?

A very angry British woman did, reports the Telegraph, and
it’s all caught on tape.

The “as yet unexplained attack” occurred the other
night in the British town of Chippenham at around midnight. When the woman’s
attempts to get cash from the machine failed, she took off her heel and start
hitting the ATM about 50 times.

When the heel-hitting didn’t get the machine to work
(surprise, surprise), she even tried getting a running start and throwing
herself against it.

The violence left the machine screen and keypad unusable. It
also probably left the woman’s pumps fairly battered and unusable.

As for us, well, we had a really nice laugh. Thanks, crazy
British ATM lady. And good luck getting those shoes resoled.

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