New anti-doping commission to host inaugural workshop

Local athletes are set to hear a new message against taking performance-enhancing drugs.

The newly formed Medical and Anti-Doping Commission is set to host its first ever anti-doping workshop here in the Cayman Islands. The goal is to educate, promote and inspire residents in the fight against doping in sports.

Saturday 10 September will be the date of the free, one-day workshop. It will be led by Neil Murrell, the Deputy Director of Sports for the National Sports Council in Barbados. Members of the commission will also be speaking, including Dr. Ruthlyn Pomares, the Senior Doping Control Officer in Cayman.

The commission is a sub-committee of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee and the anti-doping seminar is the first of its kind here in Cayman. The commission works to oversee all anti-doping education and programs in Cayman. They work to develop educational programs and initiatives to educate athletes, as well as the public to uphold the integrity of sport and make healthy life choices. Pushing this exciting initiative is Donald McLean, president of the Olympic committee.

In addition to athletes, the workshop is geared towards coaches, trainers, administrators and teachers. As McLean states, attendees will be presented with the latest information regarding anti-doping and how to make healthy decisions.

“This workshop will serve as a stepping stone to introducing Cayman as a leader in the Caribbean in the fight against doping in sport,” McLean said. “Doping in sports is a continuous struggle for athletes, coaches and administrators. This workshop is the perfect start to educating our athletes and their support systems around them, ensuring that the Cayman Islands continues to play fair and true.”

The commission encourages anyone interested in participating to contact Jessica Wolfenden at [email protected]

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