Cayman’s got even more talent

There’s plenty of talent in the Cayman Islands and it will be showcased again this year in another production of Cayman’s Got Talent from Nolly Brown Entertainment. 

Audition dates are set in all the districts, so now’s the time to dust off your dancing shoes, roll out your musical repertoire and show off your talent. 

“Be the star that you are,” Nolly says. 

Auditions will be 3 September in East End; 19 September in North Side; 17 September in Bodden Town; 24 September in George Town; and 1 October in West Bay. The pre-finals will be 15 October, with the grand finals on 29 October.  

Email [email protected] for an application form. Come out and support the talented folks in your district and keep an eye on Weekender for district winners. 

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