Accidents leave one dead, several injured

    Pregnant woman dead in crash



    One woman died in a Sunday night car crash in East End district and
    three others were seriously injured, according to the Royal Cayman Islands
    Police Service.

    The accident happened around 7pm Sunday, according to fire and rescue
    crews. First-hand reports from the scene indicated that one person had been
    killed and another was taken to hospital via ambulance.

    Another two women injured in the wreck were taken to hospital in
    private vehicles.

    RCIPS officers arrested the 24-year-old driver of the vehicle on
    suspicion of drink driving and causing death by dangerous driving.

    According to witnesses, a vehicle travelling along Sea View Road west
    of East End village clipped a tree and left the roadway just past Lover’s Wall.

    The four-door white vehicle was found about 20 feet off the road on the
    sea side in the bush.

    Firefighters responding to the scene had to use the ‘jaws of life’ to
    cut one of the injured women from inside the car.

    Another female, the pregnant woman, was ejected from the vehicle in the
    crash and was found lying face-down in the bush a few feet from the car. She
    was not responsive at the time she was found, medics said.  

    A second victim was also found outside the car following the
    crash.  She was in serious condition.

    Relatives of the dead woman identified her as Karen Edwards, 25, of
    George Town. Mrs. Edwards was at the full-term of her pregnancy and was
    expected to deliver her baby within the next week or so. Hospital doctors were
    not able to save the child, relatives said.

    Mrs. Edwards also had a young son and daughter, both under the age of

    George Town wreck  

    Around 7.40pm Sunday night, a crash in George Town left yet another victim

    Initial reports there indicated that a man who was riding in the back
    of a truck had fallen out and was struck by a vehicle on Linford Pierson

    The man was in serious condition at the Cayman Islands hospital Sunday
    night, but police did expect the 22-year-old would survive his injuries.

    Police gave the following account of the accident: “It appears that the
    man had been sitting on the back of the open truck when the driver had pulled
    into the side of the road to allow an ambulance to pass. As the truck then
    moved back into the carriageway, he fell from the back of the vehicle, rolled
    across the road and was struck by a vehicle travelling in the opposite

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    The aftermath of Sunday’s deadly wreck in East End.
    Carol Winker

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